Basic HTML Structure

Let us Understand how a basic HTML structure works and few points to remember while designing it

html template



<title>Page Title (65-70 characters including space) </title>

<meta name="description" content="page description(155-170 characters including space)"/>

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword 1,keyword 2,keyword 3,keyword 4,keyword 5"/>



<h1> Your page heading should be relevant to your keywords </h1>


Text paragraph


<!---use for image link--->

<img src="relevant filename of image" alt="relevant with image topics as well as keywords">

<!---use for internal and external links--->

<a href="relevant filename of page" title="relevant with keywords">relevant anchor text<./a>



Few basic Points to remember in the above structure:
  • The title part mentioned here is something which the search engine catches and it is not seen to the users
  • The body part is something which the users can see
  • The alt part mentioned in the HTML structure is the data for the search engine to find our data and it is not displayed to the users
  • The sequence mentioned in the body part may differ according to the design or intention of the user.
  • <a href="relevant filename of page" title="relevant with keywords">relevant anchor text<./a> In the above part, title is for the search engine while anchor text is something seen to the users
  • You can mention keywords as many you want on designing a website,however in blogs you need to stick to their limit 
  • Here, h1-heading,a-anchor tag


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